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Stepping back in your old shoes

Sometimes came back at where you was (1-2 years ago or even 2 months ago) is offering you a new perspective to see your reality . First of all it show you all the way you been through, but more importante it make you realize who you become by putting you back in the moments and release the pressure you overwhelmed yourself with…

Sometimes came back at where you was (1-2 years ago or even 2 months ago) is offering you a new perspective to see your reality . First of all it show you all the way you been through, but more importante it make you realize who you become by putting you back in the moments and release the pressure you overwhelmed yourself with. Getting into this situation have the power to show you, that you can be proud of yourself. You get into a conscience state of mind. You suddenly see the life you are creating, you get to see it taking forms.

All what you had been trough wasn’t in vain. You grown up, and today you are the result of it. Ready to built new dream for fit your new self. It’s a retrospection exercise, that we have to take as an opportunity to keep track of our own evolution. In live you will often find yourself in such a situations, the important is to take it as a teachable experience. We do live some break down, at some point of our life we fall down but each time it happen is the moment to take time to download and acknowledge what just happened in your life. Ones you do it you stand taller, you’re ready for the next step, for accomplish bigger achievement. Each struggle of your life is there to show you the way, to help you to become the person that will be able to achieve what you want in live. If you do not have all what you want at this moment is because the version of yourself that you are now, can not reach it. You need to evolve and improve yourself to create the version of yourself that will be able to get all you want from live. The person you admire for doing what they do, do not arrive where they are just by setting a goal, they do work on themselves for become the person who can attract the object of their desire. This is exactly what we should all do.

If you are in a situation that you are able to step back in your old shoes and feel how it feels, DO IT. It can hurt, actually if it does is signe that you are in the good way but doing so will enlighten your soul, motivate you to continue to work hard to go get your dream and also help you keep track of your success and achievement. After a time you will surly be back to your life and I promise you will enjoy it much more.

For me the sun is back, I just get back to my life and I can’t explain how grateful I am. The last months haven’t been easy but now is a new begging ! I pass through it and it make me feel stronger and must of all in alignment with myself. This experience teach me resilience (even tho I haven’t always been through this experience.) I understood that is not because I go somewhere that the people I love will go with me. Sometime you need to be ready to walk alone. Today I heal some part of myself that have hurt since the longest I remember that is a gift I make to myself. I deserve to be in peace, to be in harmony with myself and the only way, is to allow your soul to heal by taking the right action and by practicing gratitude, acceptance and unconditional love to yourself and others.
It also shown me that you have to accept other as they are no matter where they are in their spirituality path. To stop trying to help them to become better version of themselves, that is an individual journey and no one can change that.

I am ready to create new memories and make my life a living dream in every moment.

I wish you to be able to push yourself to go get what you truly want and live your best life !

Sophie xx

3 step to free yourself

Your are more that your beliefs let you think. Pour lire en français appuyer ici I spent a lot of time reading about how our beliefs control our life, how your subconscious mind has been built, and how to successfully work in harmony with it to create a better life. First of all, we need … Continue reading “3 step to free yourself”

Your are more that your beliefs let you think.

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I spent a lot of time reading about how our beliefs control our life, how your subconscious mind has been built, and how to successfully work in harmony with it to create a better life.

First of all, we need to open our eyes on ourselves and be aware of all the beliefs we can have in our subconscious, cause they are what’s rule our entire life. For do so, you should look deep in your past, go in your childhood and analyse what do you have accept as a truth. What your parents said that you catch yourself saying repeatedly. What your family was thinking about money, happiness, relationships or even life in general. Do they tell you how hard it was to own a house? Or maybe you saw your parents fight days and nights until they separated so for you relationships are doomed to fail. Maybe was your grandma, she explained how important it was to save money for the darker days and you accepts it as a truth, so today it can make you anxious when you aren’t able to save some money. No matter your reality, know that isn’t necessary the truth and you can always change the things that cause you problem.

Second of all, you have to accept that changing, will send people you love out of your life.
In this process some will stay in your past and it’s ok like that. The trap is, once again, your subconscious mind if you are scare to loose people by changing your identity, you may stop yourself to do the work needed. You will realize fast enough that when you put yourself first people start changing their behaviour around of you. People no longer want to be around the one you’re becoming because it’s trigger something inside them, you are evolving not them. You can feel like you are ejected from the crew and that, for some, can be scary. It was for me, since I dedicated myself to my evolution, I often feel that I don’t fit in anymore and it’s hurt. Being hurt it part of the game and this pain will pass soon. You, yourself will realize that you feel better around people you may not know, but are in the same place than you, that with your old friends that aren’t going in the same direction of you. Be the best version of yourself, can mean been alone for a while but the one who really love you will come back in the right time. It will also bring in your life new people more aligne with your new self, take it as a gift. Don’t be scare of being alone, learn to deal with it and you will find beauty in it. It can take you time for feeling confident in the rejection, but don’t give up the one you are becoming for the people around of you, it will be such a waste.

Thirdly, learn to be confortable in the inconfort! Don’t be scare to look stupid or even fail, it’s ok, it’s how we learn. Your confort zone is one of you greatest enemy, it make you weak. Get out of it, do it as quick as possible. It will bring an incredible amount of new opportunities in your life. Understand that if it’s scare you it will stop you. It’s like jumping in void people will judge you either way, you jump or you stay at the edge. So do it, it will make you proud of yourself and more important will open a tones of doors front of you. Try to avoid every thing that make you too confortable because it’s what stop you for live your next adventure. Be willing to jump out of this plane just because it may be the experience of your life. By doing so, you find strength on yourself that you didn’t expected you had. It’s the beauty of it, you are stronger that you can imagine, your power is limitless, you only have to get to know it. I can promise you that if you stay in your confort zone you won’t meet it. SO, GO JUMP! GO FIND YOUR POWER, IT’S YOURS !

After all, you have to keep going with that in mind everyday. Be consistent it’s the biggest part of the work and it will be a game changing. Stop to be afraid of being better than you was yesterday or worst than other people are. Be confident of the fact that an amazing life is waiting you and you are the only creator of it. Accept that it won’t always be the way you which it goes, and work on you adaptations skills. Understand that everyone came and go, that no one is yours, people is in your life by choose and never by obligation. Do your best for enjoy what you have and be grateful for it. Acknowledge that you are the creator of you life (even if you live a shitty life) and that there is no limits unless the one you fix for yourself. You can do all what your heart desire. Accept that is ok to fail, (it’s better to fail than not to try) take it as an experience that learn you things you needed to know. Be yourself and never compromise on who you are. Trust your instincts, it will guide you on the right path. Committee yourself to your growth and do all it take to rise as much as possible. All you are doing it’s for yourself and no one else, respect that.

It’s an every day challenge that will set you free. I recommend you to give it a try and let me know how it goes for you.

With love Sophie xx

Back to black

Now I am back in darkness, back to the life I had.
My soul is shaking, I am on choke !
How can I come from a place that is completely out of alignment with me?
It make me understand a lot about myself, about my desire of rebellion my need to scream, it was my soul who need something different…

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When darkness is the only thing you see, look inside of you, you will find light. It will show you the way.

After a year pass under the sun, where there was freedom, I have been able to connect with myself. I will be forever grateful for that experience that learned me what kind of life is made for me. This years I learned to have faith in life, there is always hope even when all is going wrong. 2021 is crazy and empty for a lot of us but I had the opportunity to see it trough other eyes. I saw the awakening of people, I talked with some persons who want to make a difference and help other to live a greater life. I have been witnessed of thousand different way of thinking and the teaching that this brought me have change me for ever.

Now I am back in darkness, back to the life I had.
My soul is shaking, I am on choke !

How can I come from a place that is completely out of alignment with me?

It make me understand a lot about myself, about my desire of rebellion my need to scream, it was my soul who need something different.

I have been gone 10 months and it’s like I had go in a weekend, I came back and nothing changed. All is in the same place. People haven’t move, evolve or learn anything. I know there was a big lock down but when everyone was waiting home, I was living my best life. I will never wait after someone to tell me if I can live my live, as I want. In my eyes is truly sad that an entire society did it.

It’s hard for me to be back and to realize that there is noting for me home. I know we are a lot to feels that way. To be hit by the old mentality that limited you to think differently (and just realize where that came from), the bad habits that come back faster than expected and the pressure cause by the image people have of you. (They see you as you was years ago… they don’t understand that they are talking to a totally difference person).
In nature when animals have babys, they grow up and leave forever. As a human, we stay close to our parents and try to evolve with them. Sometimes for access to our true potential we sadly have to leave and learn to be ourselves alone without landmark, only our guts to guide us. We have to let it go on the persons we love and do our own way without looking back. Isn’t always easy. It hurt, but in my eyes better been hurt, than be stopped from living you truth.

For me now is official, I have noting to do in Montreal. I am grateful to be back cause it have help me to understand a lot about myself and it also give me the certainty that isn’t here I should be. Well for truly evolve without restriction I have to be far away from what I know. I look at around and I see the mind of the society close on one way of thinking and the desire to make everything so complicated only for been right, I also see the materialistic culture that keep you in a state of mind of lack. All what I am fighting against in myself. (The desire to be right and the need of material). Back in Canada I looked around and it seems like for must of all, it’s the only way to life a good life… I choose to live my life in a totally different way. I believe having a good life is not about to have the biggest house and the newest car but about the diversity of your experiences, the intensity of your love, the quality of the person’s who cross your way and the happiness it’s coming from your heart. I want a life full of colours, lights and amazing people. I what to live in many cities and enjoy the differences of it. That is what open my mind to new things and push me to keep learning and stop judging. I want to be inspired by the people who is around me not feel like everybody have the same kind of life that make me (personally) feel like a wast of time.

My home was in Mexico and until now is the only place I ever felt like home. This place allow me to expand and become the woman I meant to be.

The feeling to don’t fit in, the desire of escape are things I hold in my heart since the further I remembered. There is no place for that anymore. I want to feel inspiring and embody my difference as the key to a better future.

I don’t have to explain myself to the people who don’t understand the way I choose to live my life. But I want to show that there is always an other way that the one the society dict you. I want to show it to you, cause at a point of my life I needed someone to tell me that I can do whatever I want with my life. There is no limit, unless the one you fix yourself!

Soon I will return to my life, the one I choose. I will have much more knowledge of myself and I will be able to create a life that fits me. For now I will swallow my pride and go trough what I have to, for reach a new level.

Evolving is like sailing in a rough sea, never forget that one day the storm stops and the sun come back.

With love, Sophie. xx


Mexico is where all started.
I am sharing in images the country that inspired all my dreams!

Here I am sharing in images the country that inspired all my dreams!

Mexico is where all started.

I have been totally charmed by is beauty, is authenticity and its welcoming culture. When I first arrived here, I remember I was just a little girl. I fell in love with this nature so different from where I come from. I saw animals that I didn’t even know existed and for the first time I swam in the sea. Over the years I got to know Mexico really well, I explored many cities. Each regions are so different from the others. I saw breathtaking landscapes passing by incredible beaches, gigantic canyons, cities of 500 years old, ruins of ancient Mayans, I discovered pink water lakes and multiple cenotes. I am sure I did not even list everything. Mexico is a land to discover, a country with futures. The way of living is so different from the one I have always known, happiness is brought first. It is not easy for people to live here because of money is harder to make but one you manage to find the way to make a living everything becomes simple you can do a lot with little money and enjoy life to its fullest and all in connection with the impressive nature that surrounds us. Today I am living here and I can not be more grateful! In this crazy time I have the chance to still be free and passing my day in my paradise.

I hope it will charms you too !

Riviera Maya

An article will be coming soon about Playa del Carmen

Chiapas road

Palanque ruins


San Cristobal De Las Casas

For discover this magic town you can read my blogs San Cristobal de las casas and los mercados de san Cristobal


For see more photos and learn about this amazing place read The Mexican Ranch.


Sophie xx

Own your uniqueness, you were born to stand out !

What makes you the person you are?
What makes you different from others?
Accept this difference, work with it not against it. It’s this part of you that will bring you to the top.

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If they try to make you feel different, thanks them.
Its mean you are too much for them.

We all grown up feeling that we are different. We was scared to don’t be accepted, to don’t be enough like others. Some of us are still scared and we all feel it come back to us at some points. Personally it’s take me years to overcome that feeling. Today I understand that what make me different is also what make me unique and is exactly what will make me stand out.
We are all wrong to try to be like others we should work for amplified our difference.

What makes you the person you are?
What makes you different from others?

Accept this difference, work with it not against it. It’s this part of you that will bring you to the top.

I know, it’s not always easy to accept ourselves 100% as we are but we have to find a way to do it. Simply because we deserve to become a better version of ourselves. Sometimes it can be scary, we have the fear of not being accepted, of being seen as a stranger. It takes courage to accept yourself and proudly wear our difference.
Since I understood the meaning of uniqueness, I am happy to be different. Not to think like the majority and not to suit everyone. That’s a sign that I am aligned with my true self. I try to surround myself of people who also stand out, who don’t fit in the box, who have a unique personality that match with mine. Most of them have a particular story and have it hard to find their place in this world, but once they finally find it, they create pure magic.

We are all born with attributes that make us unique, with the time we learn to develop ourselves and certain parts of ourselves develop further. Some of us are more artistic than others and some more mathematical or even more athletic, the possibilities are endless. We have to find our own formula and welcome it as a gift. We have to accept our difference and make it our brand, which is often what gives us a message to share with the rest of the world.
Let me explain myself, if what makes you unique is your difficult journey embrace it, don’t reject it, it took you where you are right now, let go of the things that hold you back but create your personality with your experience.
If what makes you unique is your discipline and you were a great athlete but following an injury your career is over, you still have your discipline and you can always use it to become a great businessman and inspire others. Look inside of you, find which quality can make you stand out from the crowd? Use all what you have in yourself, all the shades of your personality. Don’t listen to criticism don’t listen to people who tell you that you should do it like someone else. Everyone has a story but no one has the same story as you, so no one can see trough your eyes. Listen to yourself and go where you think is best for you. Your parents, your friends they all think they know what is good for you but you are the only person who truly know it. They have not lived what you have been through, they do not feel what you are feeling and above all they want your security so they will avoid you to do anything that could put you in physical, financial or emotional danger. Without risk there is no great success. Get out of your comfort zone, travel takes financial risk, quit the job that doesn’t make you happy, invest all your savings in a program that will bring you higher. If you believe you can do it’s because you actually can do it! Don’t listen to anyone other than your instincts. Do not let yourself be guided by fear but faith. You will see an incredible amount of door open in front of you.

Be proud of who you are, embody it, work with it and please don’t be shy to express it!
You are perfect just the way you are.
Your difference is your strength and your biggest odds to be seen.

Whit love!

Sophie xx

Vulnerability Is A Strength !

Learn how to bring down the walls that have been built around you and to show your true selves. Our history, our wounds and our scars make us who we are.

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Letting go your ego and being vulnerable takes courage.

Learn how to bring down the walls that have been built around you and to show your true selves.

Our history, our wounds and our scars make us who we are. By being vulnerable, we appear weak in the eyes of the world. This is what they want us to believe. Be strong, they say, don’t show your feelings, keep everything to yourself.

It’s all bullshit!

This is exactly what we shouldn’t do. By being vulnerable we show ourselves in our true light and by being ourselves we find the power to face everything. In our world, people have lost their humanity, their vulnerability and it’s really sad, cause this is what brings us together.

Maybe that’s why we seem so divided.

It takes a lot more courage to show your emotions than to cover them up. Most people try to hide their feelings for fear of expressing themselves. They believe it’s easier to ignore them than to live with them. They believe that by cover their feelings, they will disappear, but the truth is that is only creating a wall around them. That exactly what’s lead to bigger problems. Those persons will have to relearn how to expresse their feelings so they don’t end up alone.

How unlearning to suppress your emotions?

If you learn to be vulnerable, if you learn to let it go, if you ignoring this voice who’s telling you that you will be judge and you express your emotions. You will have done a big step. To begin, we have to stop judging people, start listen and encourage them to speak up their truth. Open your eyes and acknowledge yourself when you catch yourself judging others. Fight your ego and understand we are all equals. It’s valid with yourself, with your partner, your friends as well at work or in public, you must accept others as they are, understand that weakness is not a bad thing but is a human character. All relationships need honesty and vulnerability, if we don’t show our weaker or darker side it’s simply can’t work.

We just have to look at the people we admire, they are the people who bared themselves and showed us their feelings and fear. It’s those who opened themselves to others. it’s the same people who have been able to touch the heart of others and been accepted. Watch artists like Adele who have built her whole career writing love songs to a man she lost in her youth. She write about the greatest moments of vulnerability of her life. She and many others are examples to all of us. People like her, are proof that when we show our vulnerably in front of the world, people respect us and want to be closer to us. Often, people are not able to show this of themselves and when they see someone else doing it, they admire them for having the strength that they do not have.

Be strong, accept your weakness! Be the one who will show the way to other.

Don’t try to be someone your are not, you are perfect as you are. You don’t have to change for please no one, but evolve to please your soul.

We are one with nature, if it can show its vulnerability and shine you can do exactly the same. Nature is there to be your teacher, she guides you by showing you the example. Our roll is to observe and learn.

Thank you to have take time to read my words, I hope you enjoyed.

Sophie xx

Be truthful with yourself

You can lie to every one, you can even lie to yourself but at some point you will have to be truthful with yourself. You can blame others for your mistakes but the truth is that all come from you. You did attract the life you have. Everything you live, you created it.

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In order to become the person you want to be you have to accept the one you were and love the one you are.

Each of us wants to be a good person and that, at some point, make us to lie to ourselves. We have to look at ourselves as we are, with our light and our shadow. We all have a darker side and it’s important to be aware of that and learn to love it. By saying this, I mean appreciating our mistakes and love your scars. Being kind to ourselves is essential. It might sound like a big deal, but the truth is, being a good person isn’t easy, it takes honesty and courage. Accepting ourselves as we are is one of the greatest strengths a man / woman can have.

Over the past few years I’ve learned that most all of us don’t even know ourselves. Nowhere we learn that we have to look into ourselves for find the answers we look for. If I look at myself years ago I was completely lost and I didn’t know where to start. So I opened books and educated myself. I begin to look deep into myself , my past and trough my childhood to find answers. Why did I was who I was? Why did I thought that way? What do my parents did or didn’t, that have affect my whole life? What kind of believe that didn’t belonged to me have been put in my head by my parents, teachers and even by the society? Then, what I truly wanted to be? What is this person’s state of mind? How do I start to become that person? Of course is a lot of question, and there is lot more, but by looking at them I discovered myself. I get to know who I am, where I am from and who I want to become. Some times I failed, I didn’t see my way correctly and take the wrong one. Then I saw where I should be and I moved into the right path. It’s not guaranteed to work at the first time but if at each step you take the time to observe yourself you will see the way who’s made for you. Things will begin to work. It’s not gonna be simple but your futur will be easier. Life is better when is lived in the full conscience.

You can lie to every one, you can even lie to yourself but at some point you will have to be truthful with yourself. You can blame others for your mistakes but the truth is that all come from you. You did attract the life you have. Everything you live, you created it. Yes, it can be hurtful to hear that, for me it was. I didn’t had the best life and it was my fault. I realize my way of talking about myself was putting me down. I continually said things like, I’m not lucky, I’m messy, why something fucked up always happen to me? I attracted exactly that in my life. Then I started changing the ways I spoke about myself, (Some can say it’s to be humble enough for laugh of ourselves, but is not, is wrong) I also asked to the people who surround me to stop saying those things too. Afterwards I saw it was possible. Possible to change how I saw myself, it was still me nothing had changed unless everything. I am grateful to the girl I was, the one who didn’t care about noting, the one joked about ourself cause is this girl who had enough courage for stop to victimize herself and decide look for solutions to become better. Since then, I haven’t stopped improving myself and looking inside me to find the solutions that will make my life a masterpiece.

Learning to love our shadow is accepting each version of our self, our good shot as our big mistakes. Is to look our inner-child and to show him that he is safe, is also looking our own demons in the eye and facing them taking control over them and change to become the one you want to be and welcome it.

Don’t be scare of what you can discover, in the end it’s all yourself. You shouldn’t hide it neither to yourself nor to anyone. Embrace each part of your personality the good as the bad. Learn to manage them and grow with. Go see in the deepest of yourself and feel the texture of your soul. You don’t have to feel ashamed of your shadow, you should see it as an old partner that can help you do find the light.

Be kind with yourself and express your truth.

Sophie xx

We are losing our liberty

Why normalized our lost of liberty ?
Why stand up and protest for all but our right of liberty ?
If we look at the real situation, we realize that we have given up our own freedom by being afraid. Do that make sense ?

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All images taken on pixabay

Why normalized our lost of liberty ?

Why stand up and protest for all but our right of liberty ?

If we look at the real situation, we realize that we have given up our own freedom by being afraid. All over the world, youth are being sacrificed, our freedom our education and much more. We have all submitted to a government that took as a strategy to scare people, to easily take control. When it all started they asked us to stay home to protect ourselves against a new disease that can kill everyone, of course we listened, with what little information we had. It was unknown. Then every day since, they inform us to continue to scare us. No optimistic information even if there is. After they started asking us to stop working, to stop going out, to stop educating our children, to stop going to visit our parents, our sister or our brothers and then to snitch our neighbours and go into poverty. And what we did ? We listen like a sheep and say yes. Why we did that ? Because we have let them put the fear into our minds. We no longer rationalize correctly.

We are in measures of war and if you open your eyes and step outside your home you will clearly see that there is no war outside. Nothing close. This virus kills people like the flu, as the road does. Statistically speaking, why be scared of this when we weren’t scared of other things that kill just as well as covid. Do you know how many car crash deaths there are each year? 1.35 million, or nearly 3,700 deaths per day. Do you stay home for this? Do you stop moving and hit the road for that? What about cancer? 9.5 million lives lost per year. Diabetes about 1.5 million per year. Do you even try to avoid sugar? Are all of these things really kill less than covid? As this date, Covid has killed just under 2.8 million of persons and 81.5% of them are over 60 years old.

I must tell you that there are currently 7.9 billion of us in the world and that 2.8 million actually represent only 0.035% of our population.

Is it worth the war measure we find ourselves in? Is it worth the education of the youth? Is that worth the 200,000 small businesses (only in Canada) that have closed their doors due to covid? Is it worth an entire generation of unemployment? Is it worth the scare of going out for fear of dying?

Let’s examine the measures.

Look Down
  • No work (less money)
  • No school
  • Curfew at 8 or 9 pm
  • No gym
  • No restaurants or bar
  • States close
  • Mask required
  • Not allow to see our family

Travel Restrictions
  • Medical tests required (inside and outside out country)
  • 3 day in a hotel allow by the government when back in your country (for some countries like Canada)
  • App in your phone for been track by the government
  • 14 days quarantine required (even with 2 negative results)


I will talk for myself, I am currently living in Mexico and here the freedom to live as we desire is still accurate. There is restriction, of course, and precautions taken by the state. You have to ware a mask in public place. In every shops restaurant, and more, they also take our temperature but we have the right to get in and to continue to live our life. If we look at the number we will see that the travel restriction are not worth it. In Quintana Roo the total amount of cases is 21 167 and 2 490 death, which what is much less that Quebec who count 309 K cases and 10 651 death. One is in lock down, the other is open and full of travellers. Some will say that is because here they are not tested in Mexico but the truth is, that there is places for get the test everywhere and since several of month the test are needed for get out of the country, so that mean that all the traveller have to do it and every Mexican who work and have symptoms also have to be tested. The amount of cases or death haven’t explose. 

As a Canadian citizen, if I want to return to my country, I have to submit myself to a covid test here in Mexico before taking the plane and then another test when I arrive in Canada, then they will take me to a hotel for 3 days. only to wait for my result. (It might only take 24 hours but they charge you 3 days in the hotel anyway.) After all that, I will also have to do a 14 day of quarantine at home, knowing that I don’t have covid, no after 1 but 2 negative result. Do you think that makes sense? Let me ask you something. What will happen after that?Vaccination required to travel and / or to go to school? Do you think you are still free?

I really believe that our generation is aware enough to find out a peaceful way to stand up and take our liberty back. We need to stand up and clam YOU CAN’T CONTROL ME ! We are in the pike of our time, we are supposed to been working on our future to built a better world for our kids, not staying at home and been scare of this same world. Most of us do not work since a while, cultivated debt and laziness. They use the fear for force us to don’t go out and see whit our eyes what is the reality. WE ARE NOT IN WAR. If you scare to travel for exemple then you don’t. You cannot see how other country figure it out to live. You can not see that in many parte of the world, people are still free.  Then you keep thinking that is not a big deal to sacrifice our youth and freedom cause you believe is like that everywhere. We can decide to look around and to see that the measure taken by our government cause much more damage that help.

Lockdown and curfews outcome

  • Augmentation of violence against women
  • Increase of problem related to mental health
  • Increase of teenage dropout the school
  • Anxiety / stress
  • Fear of others
  • Depression
  • Several consequences observed in children

You know the effects that being in this state of mind has on you, but let me ask you, How is it for our children? What will be the consequences on their life? What kind of behaviour will they have in the future? Will they stay with a fear of others? Will they be extremely individualistic? Will they be more anxious than other generations? Personally, I know people who have taken their children out of school because of all the pressure it puts on them, the obligation to wear a mask for 8 hours a day and the fear that school staff are trying to instill in young people.. It is just not human to do this to our children. Most of them now go to school online. How do you think they can stay focused without being able to spend their energy? Their motivation to go to school is to see their friends, so doing it in front of a laptop isn’t just difficult, but it doesn’t help. And when they can finally go to school. They can’t get close to their friends, it doesn’t make sense to them. Unfortunately for them it is a large percentage of their life and will have long term consequences. This generation will have experienced a total loss of their freedom and will be afraid of being free. They may think that they are doing something wrong just to be in touch with others. This can have devastating effects not only on their behaviours and their brains, which is already huge, but on the future of our societies.

If you don’t want to stand for yourself stand for the next generation. Stand up for the ones who can not do it !

Thank you to have take the time to read it. It’s a very important subject for me.

Sophie xx

Alone in this world!

Every body is going trough this world alone, in fact we have no one else that ourselves. sometimes you think that finally that time is back of you, then you realize that nothing have changed..⎨…⎬

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Every body is going trough this world alone, in fact we have no one else that ourselves. sometimes you may think that finally this time is behind you, then you realize that nothing have changed. No matter how much people are around us, we all feel misunderstood and we all wish that one day someone will deeply understand us.

Loneliness is a feeling we all have and most of all, we live it throughout our lives. We can be surrounded by hundreds of peoples it doesn’t change that, deep down we are alone. Often people get close to you only to fill their own loneliness.
They look at you but don’t see you,
they talk to you but don’t listen to you,
they ask you to understand them without even making the effort to try to understand you,
they invite you to share your life, without the desire to share theirs with you.
It’s simply human nature. When we give our 100% to an other person they rarely do the same. Often is by been afraid that no matter what they do, they will find themselves alone once again. At some point we can think that we are getting free from this feeling and then it comes back to us a little stronger. We lose someone whom meant everything to us, or realize that those we thought were there for us are no longer around. Over the time we break connections, we were convinced that they would being for life, at times, the bond is so strong that we come to believe that nothing in the world can break them. Then we evolve, we change our ways of thinking and the time separate us. When we get to realize it, is often too late. There is nothing more we can do about it, the pain is so devious, it settles in us without warning us. The more time passes the more we feel it.

If you live in a big city, you know how empty a large crowd can make it seem. Everyone is in their own world, living their life and thinking about themselves. We all experience the same thing and because we don’t feel good with our own loneliness we make others feel it too. Have you ever been alone in a restaurant and the waiter is staring at you because you are not accompanied and he is passing you a remark like “Our pizza is way too big for one person” as if you cannot bring some at home. Or maybe you got to a bar to take a drink to relax in your own company. Often you don’t even have the chance to order your drink that someone come to talk to you saying “what is a beautiful young woman are doing here on her own? ” You tell them that you would rather be alone but they don’t understand that this feeling of loneliness is sweeter being alone at the bar than with strangers who make you feel strange, different and much more alone. As Robin Williams says, “I used to think the worst thing in life was to end up all alone. It’s not. The worst thing in life is ending up with people who make you feel all alone. ” Feeling alone is worse than being alone.

The only way to fight this feeling is to learn to live with ourselves as with a companion. To love yourself in a way that no one else can and to be satisfied with your own love. For that you have to learn to understand yourself, learn to respect your own choices and especially learn to be strong. Life tests us over and over and it takes courage to make our own decisions and do what is right for us. By working on it we take the risk of being hurt many times, but by not doing it, we take the risk of endless suffering and one day waking up to a life you never wanted. In the end we are alone so why not do what our heart desires? No matter what we do, someone will be offended or désapprouve it. We need to align with ourselves because we need to love ourselves. Get to know what make you happy and do it. In fact you don’t need others, you want to be with them is different. You need to put yourself first, have fun in your own. It can be easiest that you think.

What make us desire to be with other is the need of communication, if you succeed to find a way to speak your mind by your own you learn to feel better alone. It can be by writing, making video, painting, starting a business or what ever is a form of expression. Then you get to know that speaking to other is not the only way, you start by enjoying your companionship and you realize that by expressing yourself in that way ,you built a connection with yourself and it’s attract people whom have the same interests that you and sometime find themselves in you.

With love Sophie xx

Follow your passions!

What makes you feel alive, what you love to do the most, what turns your soul on fire ? What we do, determines who we are, try to do what makes you, you more often. Whatever it is… just do it!

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Today I want to write about what makes you feel alive, what you love to do the most, what turns your soul on fire.

Each of us have our own talents and interests, and that’s what make us unique. How often do you do what you love the most? Once a day, a month, or maybe only once a year. I believe that living in harmony with your passions is one of the most important things in life. Must of the successful persons live of their passions cause that way every day you wake up and you can do something that make you happy then you’re able to put all of you in your work.

Personally I am a photographer and I am passionate about animals and everything related to fashion, that’s why when I wondered what I would like to study I decided to get into photography, it was the combination of all my interests. A few days ago, I had the incredible opportunity of photographing a Toucan from my balcony. No but who could have guess it was going to happen? The excitement that overwhelmed me when I saw it land in the tree was simply awesome. I got in, I grabbed my camera and I photographed it and throughout I felt a kind of adrenaline taking possession of me. I spent the whole evening on this vibes editing my photos. It reminded me how much I loved photographing animals of all kinds, I had forgot that feeling. If we don’t practice the things that turn us on, we forget how good they make us feel and we leave them behind.

What we do, determines who we are, try to do what makes you, you more often. Whatever it is photography, video, music, fashion, painting, writing, studying, traveling, spending time with family… just do it! You will find yourself and realize that with a simple gesture to yourself you can considerably increase your happiness.

Do you know that ? When your mind is stimulated in this way you don’t only get happier but also more inspired ?

By doing something you are exited about you are stimulating your whole system, you are therefore more apt to capture ideas, see things from a new point of view and put yourself into action knowing that it will be awesome. You will also discover a lot related to yourself. Make a list of the things you are most passionate about and make an agreement with yourself to practice it at least twice as often as you did and in some months it will become a need, a duty to make yourself happy.

Sophie xx